Wednesday, 21 November 2007

ASP.NET 3.5 has arrived

It has been less than a year, since I started working with ASP.NET, started with 1.1, using VB.NET and gradually getting hold of 2.0 using C#. I havent yet fully understood and implemented a single site in the so called technology, and here it comes!

On November 19, 2007 Microsoft officially released the ASP.NET version 3.5, and ushered the developers into the .NET 3.5 era. Enhancements have been released across the platform, which would now mean I have to be quick enough to embark on the technology or be left out.

As many of us would expect the changes or features in the new version are additive. Nothing has been taken off from the 2.0 version, and nothing has been drastically modified. Like people coming from 1.1 to 2.0, it was a complete shock. Quite a few things have been taken off, many of things modified, and very little if not, new things added. But this time, it seems Microsoft has been considerate with the developers. In short, 3.5 does'nt take away or change anythingor even break any functionality, concepts, or code present in 2.0 - it just adds new types and features and capabilities to the framework.

As you could have guessed it Visual Studio 2008 the Microsoft IDE(Integrated Developement Environment) is the recommended tool for developing the applications. Unlike the previous flavours of Visual Studio, this one can be used to develop applications using .net 1.1, 2.0, 3.0 as well as 3.5. So if you are not thinking of developing any new system, or upgrading your code at this moment of time, it would be wise decision to purchase Visual studio 2008, as it would support your older version of codes as well. It also includes some extra features such as improved Designer experience, JavaScript Debugging (Finally Microsoft got it in their heads!), and intellisense features; and the developers have the ability to view and even step into the core .NET framework code during debugging.

So in short, it would be really wonderful coding and even better experience in debugging the applications using the new system. I have got hold of a beta version of the Visual studio 2008. Will be playing with it in some times from now, and will keep you all posted.

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